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I wish.

Boys werent all horn dogs.
Girls werent all bitches.
God answered prayers.
Money grew on trees.
Love had one definition.
The good people won the lottery.
Kids didnt do drugs.
Depression didnt hurt so much.
Hugs would heal everything.
School was FUN. and FREE.
No one was hungry or thirsty.
Cancer didnt kill.
Cheating didnt happen.
Parents loved there children.
Divorce wasent a publicity act.
Babies were all loved.
TV wasent all about killing and sex.
But mostly i wish....

For a better tommorrow.
Posted: 2007-01-30 18:01:55 UTC

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2007-02-07 02:28:26 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
I love this poem! What a wonderful Wish! I wish the same things too! You did a great job on this poem! God Bless You! Glostarg

2007-02-08 20:44:25liberty moon
i hope that all ur wishes come true. may God bless u