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Its hard.
Its hard to see you and not feel anything,
to try and be unhuman and numb.
I have always felt something for you,
and that something used to be love.
But now you seem to not feel the same way,
and i ask myself, what does she have i dont,
the answer would be:

I loved you more.
I loved you longer.
We grew up together.
I went from a gauky young child, to a mature young woman.
You were there. 
All those long summer days, and those crazy winter nights.
I would wait forever for you,
But im not gonna wait for someone you does this.
I have feelings to,
I have one life to live.
And its not gonna be spent, wating for you to make up your
and when you come to relize how i felt,

its to late.


[this is about my soldier. he crushed me when he left for
war, and when he found HER.]
Posted: 2007-01-30 18:01:52 UTC

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2007-02-07 02:34:44 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
well, I have always heard that War is Hell, in this instance I would say yeah they are right, but again, If there was someone else before the War... hmm? Yeah War is still Hell! Good Poem! very expressive and final! good job!

2007-03-03 03:41:35liberty moon
its really expressive. i like it a lot