the scars define you, by ♥breauna♥ Subscribe to rss feed for ♥breauna♥

u ask me how I can cut my wrist and still b-leve in god,
I tell u I don't.
but you don't b-leve me,
so I show u my wrist,
theres nuttin but skin and vain.
I look into ur eyes and see the slightest pain.
u show me ur wrist.
sure there is skin and vain,
but theres more...
but from what I see,
the scars define me.
Posted: 2006-01-31 01:37:31 UTC

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2006-01-31 22:58:17love nothing >>--
Ok...interesting...not positive about who its about because sometimes i think for sure its about u && me and then u say its about no one so im not sure but I love it...anywho...u left lyke 4 blank comments on my 'suicidal quotes'...

2006-02-03 00:33:15. QUEENIE .
that was, pretty good. definately something i can relate to, many a times people have been all like *insert then being ugh here* and then when you catch their wrists in the right light faint scars trace their path across the pale skin. *shakes head* hypocrits, my favourite subject.

2006-02-07 11:43:56My_pain_your_thrill
:) xxxxxxxxx

2006-02-08 23:42:29love nothing >>--
About the fat hanging out of the shirt thing..........but thats overwith now......but I love this poem right here but whenever I comment one like the first comment i left on this one you never say anything back...

2006-11-07 12:30:14 Kirsty (living in the light)
I like this poem, except I do cut and I do believe in God. I realised I hadnt thanked you for your comments on my poems so Thank you.