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Trick Lies

Oh jus shut up and let it end already.
sick of all the pain u've caused.
over and over, my mind won't stop,
my feet won't reach down and touch the ground,
were i supposidly stand on my own.
jus give up and leave already.
i don't need u here to hold my hand.
i can do it on my own.
can't remember a time when i needed somebody, 
i don't need them now.
u suck at comfort.
oh jus shut up and go away.
i'm sick.
sick of this skin,
this light, this dark,
bored of the anger i hold inside.
u don't kno me, not truely.
cuz hiding is wut i do best.
hide the anger.
hide the sorrow.
hide the deadly angel that is me.
inside i bleed, a river of crimson for the world to ride on
bring ur snickers and doubt,
swallow u whole with the blood.
throw me away,
come one now, hurry it the damn up.
it's not like i expected u to stay.
i am alone, wings spread for the world to curse at.
different and strange, no sense at all.
fallen from a place where all was right,
where my wings were white
with angelic light.
now their covered in carcoal,
black as the shadows i walk with.
shun u from my pressense, from my essence.
think u have me figured?
wow, wut an idiot.
no one kno's me.
jus back off already. 
crying purple tears, cuz all the red is busy.
cry purple over and over again.
can't feel my heart.
don't kno if i still have one or if it flew away.
my wings are tainted with thoughts of pain, 
and hurting someone else.
jus walk away,
i don't want u here to see me.
not me with my wings out spread, and my crimson red flow.
river river, take me away from here.
for a second i need to breath clean air.
for a second let my wings be white and fly.
can't breath.
chokeing on all of the lies u've fed me over and over the 
one by one, i shatter, till u can see me no more.
till wuts left is jus a shell of a girl,
a mask covering my face.
hide me from the darkness, from u.
need not feel u here any longer,
all u do is torment.
please jus let me be. 
so i can spread my wings and fly away. 
a trick of light,
of feeling,
of face. 
a trick is wut i hold dear to me.
wanting to b someone else in my time of need.
emeritus and tired.
blah blah blah, jus leave me be.
the river is running into a lake of red. 
lost is everything but my head.

Posted: 2005-12-12 23:38:06 UTC

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2005-12-13 01:19:53waterlily
nothing better than lost love.lost friends..lost life