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Let My Blood Run

can't let them see the tears in my eyes.
can't let them see the pain which i hide.
when i think i can trust them,
it starts up again,
the taunting and teasing reminding me slowley,
that everythings lowley 
and i'm better off lonley.
can't let them know the truth,
that i'm weak and a mess and got everything to lose.
this mask that i wear is leaving me bare
and i don't even dare 
to try to repair 
all the damage it's done, 
i'll just let my blood run,
till there's once again sun
in the sky,
that's bringing me hope
that i need to recope 
and repair this huge tair 
that has left my soul bare 
and causes their glares all the time. 

Posted: 2005-11-08 17:27:59 UTC

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2005-11-09 01:51:41waterlily
yeah most people dont give a shite

2006-06-28 07:06:14User
It's sad in a way..to know that you have to be someone you dislike..