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From now on
I'll start enjoying life
Living for today
No troubles or strife.

Not gonna stress
over something in the past
I'm not heartbroken anymore
should've known it wouldn't last.

I don't miss HIM
I realize that
I miss being IN LOVE
And that's a fact.

From now on
When I hear our song
A tear won't fall
I will stay strong.

I won't act interested
When I hear his name
If his names on the called id
I won't go insane.

I'm moving on
that's for sure
never imagined I would
Didnt think there was a cure.

From now on
I'm happy as can be
lookin for the boy
Who has that one special key.

I'll find him one day
keep that in mind
There's someone for everyone
So be patient and kind!
Posted: 2005-09-13 00:27:31 UTC

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2005-09-26 06:48:37bedazzled
I really like this, maybe because I've struggled through a smiliar situation and only just figured out I liked bieng liked, I didn't like him. Well written.

2005-10-30 19:27:06
yes! well done, u loved being loved, or being in love, omg, we have a breakthrough!!! I TELL U.. there is a god