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They tell me you are no good for me
But I don't se it;
They say you are a bad influence
I still don't see it

They won't give you a chance
Judging by what others say
I try to tell them the truth
But they won't listen
They are blind by their own wants
Not caring about other people
Not seeing the want in our eyes
When will the scales come off?

Trying to tear us apart 
Breaking many hearts in the process
Accusing us of many things
But won't listen to the truth

Their minds are stuck in the past 
Not even trying to renew to the present
Threatening to make life worse
If that is possible

If it is possible; if it is done 
No one will see me again

A note on their bed
When they read it they cry
They suffer like me 
On a frantic search for me
But they aren't truly looking

I will be there; where they hope I'm not
With the one torn from me
The one they don't like
Once I'm gone; I will never come back. 
Posted: 2012-11-21 05:12:52 UTC

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2015-03-13 02:55:04sweetNsour
very real I like it