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I look in your eyes,
 A stricking green.
My heartbeat flies,
 A movie scene.
Take my hand.
 Hold me tight.
Across the sand,
 In the moonlight.
We dance and swirl,
 I'm in a daze.
My head's in a whirl,
 Mind in a haze.
Whisper in my ear,
 Three little words.
Now comes a tear,
 From what I heard.
This is my dream,
 My happy place.
You and me,
 Face to face.
Posted: 2010-04-05 03:56:39 UTC

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2010-04-18 07:54:30Gabrielle
very sweet

2010-04-27 14:53:27Convalescence
This is really good. I feel like I'm there.... when I read it ... it's awesome.