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I fell so relaxed and at ease
I can do what i want and not feel like a freak

I really feel like I belong somewhere
It doesn't matter what I do or say

I can yell or talk low, it's all up to me
No one is riding my ass to do the right thing

I can walk around naked and feel good about my body
No one is judging me and calling me a fat ass

I can do anything and I'm not wierd
I may not be like everyone else but who wants to be

I am totally content with doing nothing
I can chill by myself or with friends

So peacful....I miss it

Posted: 2009-12-18 04:51:22 UTC

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2009-12-18 04:52:03Convalescence
I miss home too. Thanks for the coment on my poem. So, why do u miss home?