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yes people, another poem about my first love. Sorry. But if
yall have been in love, you would understand! :)

So many questions
of hows, whos and whats
not enough answers
my mind in a rut
Could he be my soulmate
or just my first love
should i hold on
or fly like a dove
how can you tell
if we're really meant to be
is it suppose to feel like this
I am confused you see
am i over-reacting
or am I just lonley
could it truly be
he's my one and only
It's almost impossible
I found him at this age
and there's a possibility
it's just a phase
But then again
it's not that surprising
my grandparents did
they couldn't be lying
On the other hand
I should stop the worry
I'm still young
so what's the hurry
Maybe this is
just an illusion
but either way
I've come to this conclusion
no matter what happens
there's always a place in my heart
that will remain forever
when he wants a fresh start
I will be there for him
like a true friend
and always be honest 
from now to the end.
Posted: 2005-06-12 03:58:56 UTC

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2005-06-15 20:32:44Maren
I love this poem. I know exactly how you feel and keep asking myself exactly the same questions asked in this poem. I guess I'm still not over my first love. Sometimes I wish I'd be but then again I don't want to let go. Know what I mean? Comment any of my poems to write back if you want. Love, Maren

2005-07-27 20:38:40tryin ta hide
i can relate

2005-10-30 19:14:51
very good, yes we all love our first loves i think, forever

2007-08-12 10:11:27Trish"
I can totally relate to this... Gosh a lot of your poems relate to me. This poem is wonderfully writen. Keep up the good work.