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This is one I wrote like such a long time ago like in 6th or
7th grade when I was like self consious. I think it
sucks...lol. Leave feedback!

I look in the mirror
I don't like what I see
Being pretty
Is that the key
I want him to notice
The look in my eye
But if I change who I am
It will just be a lie
I want to be like
The girls in magazines
Perfect in every way
Without a single need
I want to be skinny
And have the perfect shape
But how can I do that
Without being fake
Why can't he see
The person inside
Who's very beautiful
And doesn't need to hide
Not all people can see
That no one is perfect
I won't change me for him,
He's not even worth it
If he can't see
The person inside
The I should forget him
He's not worth my time.

Posted: 2005-06-12 03:59:53 UTC

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2005-06-29 18:51:34My_pain_your_thrill
This is true!! Never change for anyone! People who are individual are beautiful just for having the guts to stand up and be thier own person!! This doesnt suck!!Its very good!

2005-10-30 19:12:09
this is really good, u shud never chnage for anyone ever!! if they cant lov eu for being u, they wont be able to love u as a fake either, they can use u as a fake and thats it

2007-08-12 10:04:05Trish"
I like this poem. Well done!