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August 14th,2007

Looking out the window through the glass.
Hearing the radio play songs that remind me
of what used to be.  Thinking of memory after
memory.  Thinking I traveled so far only to get hurt.
I risked it all for a feeling called love.  It broke my
heart minute after minute to realize I would not be coming
back.  As the tears fall down both the sides of my face. 
They keep falling over and over again.  I try to tell myself
not to let it get to me but I see you still and wanting to
turn back time I can't.  To go back to that happy place
where we both felt loved and we were in love.
Posted: 2007-08-15 01:19:46 UTC

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2007-12-05 12:40:22xxSoulsxxLiexx
this is a beautiful poem!!!!