Enigma (riddle poem), by Faith Subscribe to rss feed for Faith

I am cradled in your arms
Safe from the harms
Of the world

The wind lulls me to sleep
There dreams will meet
As my vision becomes blurred

I feel secure and protected
Never to be rejected
In your unmoving arms

You embrace me for who i am
And surrounded by you i can
Give in to your charms

You carry me so high
I could touch the sky
If i wanted to

You are strong yet soothing
And never moving
From your place in my youth

Posted: 2006-09-27 17:09:52 UTC

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2006-06-21 06:54:43User
Let me guess..?? Is this about someone you love and has cared for you for many years..?? Just guessing your riddle..

2006-08-21 02:42:12A Lonely Song
Great job. You wrote this beautifully. Keep writing! Thank you for your comments on my poetry.

2006-09-18 01:24:09 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
I like this poem Faith, it seemed to be written about God, until I reached the word "Charms"...written about God ?or about a first love from childhood? I even thought possibly about your Father/ whomever it is about, this is a great poem! GLO

2006-09-18 20:07:54Faith
Well, i will give you a hint: it is not a person, or God, it is a thing. BUT the thing is alive...

2006-09-25 03:53:54 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
well I suppose it could be Peace. I would say Love , but No... for God is Love. (smiles)