Learning to Breathe Underwater, by Faith Subscribe to rss feed for Faith

I am being drawn in
like a wave against the shore

It is inevitable
and I have lost myself
sinking deeper and deeper and deeper
until I am witnessing
the fragility of the human heart
of the human soul

His soul
so close I could reach out
take it in my hands

And I do
as his lips connect with mine
stealing my breath
stopping my heart


I inhale
eyes wide open
and for moment
I know what it feels like
to breathe

And it is glorious

Posted: 2009-10-09 07:30:57 UTC

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2006-06-07 18:41:39lost the lonely dead
makes me chuckle

2006-06-07 19:18:40FrostedCold
love it...:P

2006-12-22 19:12:34Finn
You have really captured the moment when the world stops and joy overflows. Very good.