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I'm fifteen and tend to misunderstand my feelings a little too often. Sometimes I think I might have caught a glimpse of what I'm feeling and I'll try to write it down... that is what you will see here (plus some other shit). I'm a self centred bitch so don't expect anything much from me...
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Pinstripe Skin 5
The Unrequited Love 1
Lily 1
Not the Only One Who Cries 3
The Subway Chapter 1
The Subway Chapter 2
On My Skin 2
My heart
Release 1
If you understood what was to come, you'd go 'crazy' too. 1
Unlike any other (build on 'On My Skin') 1
Do you know what it is like? 8
what happens.... 1
My Favourite Place
She turns to leave you to fate
be my little sin 2
Welcome to my family
Nighttime Awakens 1
Trapped in.. purgatory?
Mary Go-Round.