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Read and enjoy all the wonders of words and the feelings and pictures they can create. As you read know that you are reading my heart and soul, and experiencing my life and how I view the world around me. If you would like e-mail me at [email protected]
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Even Though I Am Chained 1
Grape Vines We Are
As I Am Sitting Here
Bird Swiftly Soaring 91
Snow Flakes
Hope Is 91
God's Garden 92
True Love 31
Driving 1
Poet By Heart and Instinct Alone 1
I Am No Longer Little 91
Far Off Land 1
Inside My House
Rain Drops
Wintery Christmas Day
Man Next Door
No Boundaries
When I Was Walking
Nine Eleven
Hatred Is...
When I Am Gone
I Am Here Today
In My Eyes
Death 1
As I Am Swimming
Christmas is Coming
A Lonely Person Like I (and a Passerby) 2
Forgiveness From The Heart
Attack On the U.S.A 1
I Am a Salmon
To Live a Life 1
When I Saw You 1
Passed Six Months
Body nor Mind 5
Walk, Talk and Dance Your Life 1
My Dance 1
My Home
I Am
Trying to Let Go
Where Has It Gone
All the Days
The Girl In the Mirror
Two Black Dogs
Laying Under the Twilight 1
Spirit Of The Wind
My Glass Ball 1
Summer and Winter
Raging Hot Inferno 2
You Are... (song)
Answer These Questions 81
The Multiplacations of Love
Moments 1
What Kind of Song
Death at the Door (story)
Many Lifes, so Many Stories
Tale of Two Lovers and the Secret World (Story) 1
Dreaming of My Father
I Believe
Life After Explosion
I Know You Are There
In Meditation
Beauty of a Storm
Love, Light, Happiness
A Baby
Christmas is Coming 1
Colors That Lay Within
Comfort on Difficult Days
Death Equels Beginning
Family is Like 1
Walking Home
In Your Eyes 1
Life Can Be Hard
Life's Storm
Moon Sky Stars and Earth
Something With Me
Without You 1
I Am Here
Seasoned Friendship 2
The Star Inside
No More Room
Snowy Day
Follow Your Heart
Not Perfection 1
Rush of the Day
True Courage
Sunny disposition
I am now free
Letter to Daddy 3
In the momment
Silent night 1
The void within
Come join me
Sunset is heared and twilight is felt
Sitting at the park
You're an unfolding world
I see the beauty inside
My prayer
All one people
Where I am 51
Darkness and light 81
Lift me up 3
Ask a child 1
Come to the garden.
Oh Hell, Oh Death 1
What will it mean 2
Happy, angry, sad, peaceful
It has to stay 1
I Comith to You O Lord
A Girl Like Her
Dry and wounded heart 1
Where Is The Bliss 1
Mesmerized In a Controlled Trance
The Sweetest Flower in Bloom
Lust of a Man 1
Her Flower
I Dreamed of You 2
Would It Have Been Different
Mirror Mirror