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hi i'm annonomous, sorry! My poems range from many different time periods in my life. They start with my not so happy, and confused period, and end with my more knowledgable. I guess you could say i'm finding myself, well through God. i always like to leave letting people know something, so i'll leave you with two things, first i'm a crappy speller, and the second is this: no matter what goes on in your life, never forget that there is someone out there that loves you, and understands. someone that, even though you may have never meet, knows you, someone that cares and prays for you. what ever happens to you, just know that you have an angel. you may never meet them, or get to say thank you, but that doesn't mean that they aren't there.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
remember 4
a heart of white 3
miss 2
i'd do it again 4
sitting here 3
teird 3
i'd do it again #2 5
(no) 2
why can't i just say no? 4
how can i 1
expected 1
you said... 1
why should i? 2
when you break a heart 2
my intro 2
no one 2
tear stained pillows again 3
again you did 1
wake me... 2
wishes 1
l love what i do not know 2
my heart 2
love 3
love 2
i love you, i love you not 92
what he says 1
why do i, when it's wrong 2
why 2
what he wants 1
his gifts 1
when all you know... 1
what i want 3
how can this not be real? 71
thank you 2
papa 6.51
i found out the secret 1
when you realize that you can't 1
i miss you 1
why are you gone! 2
i miss the past 1
my angel 1
love or an obsession 1
not a poem 2
my favorite place 1
bye-bye hello 1
my last poem 2
I fell 1
i hate love 14
a new life 2
my father... and yours 1
Who am I? 4.55