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well these poems are memories peices of my mucked up jigsaw of a brain put together to make sense of my little life so that i can get on with living it!
Poem title Voter rating Comments
One Kiss 8.57
Touch 4
So Young 8.53
For godsake 9
Im sorry 2
I wonder 3
Broken glass
This nightmare of mine 81
Soulmates 82
Close 1
pain a disease that can infect anyone 4
The Truth hurts more than lies 1
A million miles away 2
Jumping Around 1
Teasing me 3
Standing On The Station 1
Sitting on the Train 2
Mind game 1
Powerful Beauty 7.54
One, two, three and four 7
the future 2
Words Of Torture
A Sweet Taste In My Mouth
Build A Castle Round Your Heart 1
Silver Web
Men Play Games
i am ... i'm... 2
what pleases you
This Is Too Much
The Heart
Inside her 6
Nursery Rhyme * Spring Fairies * 91
Answer me? 2
"Its never going to end till it does" 83
Sense of Death 2
The Crossroads 1
The Stranger 1
scared one night
Fate knocks At The Door! 2
Broken from the inside torn apart on the outside 1
Cease To Be
Song ~~ I know The Truth Now ~~
Nothing Wrong. 1
The Place
My Name
Before I Go and Before I Leave
lost it
Another Sad Tale To Tell 81
Meeting You
Over Use Of Thinking
The Blame Game 2
Hope Amoungst Hopelessness 1
Star Spangled Banner
Words Like Love
Feeling Nothing 1
Dick Head 2
The Angel With the Broken Wings 91
Impressions 81
The Demons Within 81