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I am 14 years old and like to write storys and poetry i am musical and a little bit strange sometimes. This is the most boring piece of writing i have EVER made man! I write most of my poetry when im depressed or sad and needing a way out because all the happy people in your life are sad inside me as an example, if i knew you people i would be happy as shit but i dont so i am just that, shit. Just so you know i have never had a boyfriend so the ones about opposite sexes attracting are made up but i can still feel like that. I hope you like my work, i tried anywayz! Sara x
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Sunrise to sunset. 2
Forever the sun. 7.255
Walking forward. 2
Finally my day . . . 62
I love you (mini)
Butterfly 2
I hope your satisfied 2
Waiting for time
Time 1
Roots & Wind 91
Can i help?
I thought you loved me
She speaks of the past
Killer (mini version, full not posted) 2
Through my eye 1
The roaming spirits
See my tears 3
Let me speak (mini) 71
Around the corner 1
Party 91