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Maestro Prof. Dr. Emil Khoury (song-writer, poet, performer, composer, conductor, music arranger, music researcher, and professor of Western and Middle-Eastern musics) has diverse musical works recorded to his credit: Great Love cantata for H.M. King Hussein Bin Talal (the late King of Jordan), Ya Saqiya Al-Ward cantata for H.M. King Abdullah the Second (King of Jordan), Our Love Is So Bright (a pop song for American singer, Kay Weaver), the music soundtracks for the touristic film Dive in Aqaba (which highlights the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea, Jordan), and numerous musical works for symphony and chamber orchestra, various ensembles, feature films, and TV satellite stations. As a highly versatile musician, Maestro Khoury has managed to work in two disparate musical worlds: Western and Middle-Eastern. He is also a successful performer of several instruments: Piano; Guitar; and Middle-Eastern Oud (Lute), Organ, and Violin, with G-D-G-D tuning. Khoury's repertoire includes a number of musical works, such as My Love, Nostalgia, My Beautiful Lady, Love Dance (polka music), A Notice of Love, The Silky Browser, Serenata Notturna (for Violin), A Sweet Dream, Don't Go Away, Dance on the Moon (valse music), Blue Orchid (string quintet), as well as a vast portfolio of Middle-Eastern songs and musical pieces. His current activities include making the music soundtracks for the Turkish TV drama series My Love, being a member of the adjudication panel of First Star singing talents show, and giving on-campus lectures on Middle-Eastern and World musics and on-site seminars on composing and arranging music using a creative project entitled Characters-Based Music.
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Undue Love
The Pink Eye
A Sweet Dream
I Want To Love Again
Don't Worry 8
My Love
Time's Come