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Poem title Voter rating Comments
Absent Love
Can you imagine
Collision Course
Conform Your Society
Dark Angle
Day by Day
Distance of that Star
Dreamed of Friendship
Dreamful Travels
Dreams are Gone
Feelings 1
Find Myself
Future of the Sky
Future Reality
Generation X
Goodbye Romance
Guilty Innocence
Known as my Plight
Last Night Regret
Love Fixed Heart 1
Love Model
Love until death
Loving Dream
Mistakes 9
On My Own
One in a Few, Spitting image of you
Pretend to love 1
Quit your Life 1
Remember the Photos 2
Solitude 1
Someone 1
Start Clean
The Morning After
Tortured Memories Past
Ugly Battle
Walking through the Shadows
Warm Fuzzy Throw
Where are you?