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I am an ex-serviceman from Indian Air force. I joined Oriental Insurance Company and retired from there too in May, 2007. I have been graduated from Punjab University. I hold technical qualification like Diploma in Radio/engineering .I have done English and Hindi stenography as well. I had mastered the art in Morse telephony too. I am associated with several welfare organizations and served long time as Union leader too. I am at present working as hobby writer. I write poems on various subjects and invite suggestions from all the quarters. I have written one memoir named “As I see it” and ready for publication. One interesting part of writing I would love to share with all my reader friends. I am not sure weather it may be the same case with all as I do not want to be caught in any controversy. When I sit on my personal computer, there is absolutely no thought in mind as to what is to be picked up as thought and written. These all things I leave it to the discretion of almighty to fill my mind with relevant ideas. So far I have been graced by Him and as result able to compose about 1600 poems. I have be awarded with 3 achievement award from the www.ezinearticles.com for successfully meeting with their standard. I am writing on many sites so as to be associated with reader friends all over the world. I am thankful to all those who have supported me in my initial days.
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Endless circle
Human nature
Border guards
Frozen relation
At every turn
Nothing accompanies you
Poems of great poets
Simple prayer
Personal wish
With all the sympathy 1
This before
Years in exile
Completely thrown
What is to be done !
Wealthy man
Ideal way of living
A day to be grieved
Body was flown
New lease of life
Some years ago
Door to door
To kill a son
Ups and down in life
There is no one
Silence with tongue
Million men march
Life is mini circus
In my own cage
How to hurt!
For number of years
There is no one
Help me out
On rubbish things
Crisis deepens
Stupid and foolish things
Totally unaware
Deep trouble sometimes
We have failed to care 8
Peace march to square
To learn at school
Trace the origin 6
Many things are unsaid
To deny natural divide
With tragic calls
Graced by an almighty
No bounds
Nothing shatters
talked in depth
Dress may deceive
Against His will
Human being
A love and friend
In all colors
Displayed at once
Beyond horizon
Turn to His fold
The light to go off
An inseparable part
May remain as bye gone
After sun shine
Fall in standard
Few months ago
Totally inactive
Your own style
I am cheater
Think of life partner
Lord Buddha smiled
Believe it as right
Secret behind
I am tired
Being very dear
Hurtful words
See the God in child
Upon being missed
To hold on
Avoid annoyance
Let it be
In few words
Best effective tools
Unaware of the fact
Despair surface
A steel wall
Real lover
Well in advance
With a call
Agree to differ
In form of human
On life boat
Behind clouds
As per His wishes
Not for what you are
Without any gain
Life not together
Way back to past
Where are promsies?
Nature's company
Never go away
When I am alone
Good bye my daughter
Think of lovely music
It is lovely day
Rush to me
Nothing fascinates me 91
Black marketers
With beautiful message
lovely friends
Lost or won
Dream always
Poet not to remain quiet
Oh! mom please
Why only females!
Years of hard struggle
Good gesture or courtsey
Eat and be merry
let curse fall
Highest peak
each day is different
Leaf is life
Breathed slowly 1
No one is bad
Dream home
Might is right
Neither the rain
Love can not 4
Clocking fast
Full sun
Go for match
Greatest evils
Human nature as such
Unbearable plight
Unless you
I am blind 8
Ordinary man
Modern and educated world
Something unique
Difficult to forget
Choose to dance
Her absence
We near to God
Different environment
An old guard
Its last rise
What can I do?
Bondage here too
Threw me out
More than important
Writing on wall
Love and sex
In waiting
Beautiful art
Pack of cards 1
Anchor safely
Lord is kind
Shock treatment
From thousands of miles 7
Not forgotten
Tsunami and after 1
Doom for relation
Distinct from others
Claim on high note
Life is perfect 7