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I'm a poet who lives in Wisconsin with my family. I usually enjoy writing acrostic, love, and free verse poems. Find me on the internet: My Websites: Facebook: www.Facebook.com/tylerwarnecke Twitter: Www.twitter.com/footballfan993 My-poetry.com account: http://www.my-poetry.com/?action=viewprofile&authorid=2646 Mibba: http://member.mibba.com/157176/ YouTube: Www.YouTube.com/footballfan993
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Alexis Luempert
Alison Hess
Allison Conway
Alyssa Humphrey
Amalia Halpin
Amanda Minter
Amber Seney
Brittany Trent
Dahlia Peters
Diamond Love 5
Elizabeth Benser 4
Elizabeth Huml
Ellen Hopkins 2
Hannah Braden
I Want To Tell You...
Jessica Kosmatka
Katelynn Denecke
Kaylynn Clapp
Leah Mailloux
Love That Is...
Megan "Hippie" Russel
Princess Emily
Rachel Summers 2
Raminha Warnecke
Samantha Tomczewski
Save The Trees 1
Seasons Change
Selina "Hippie" Amborn
Speak 4
Taylor Phillips
Tomorrow's Thoughts
Tyler Warnecke
What Is Life
What Is Love
Words 2
Yoko Ono
Natalie Heelein
Carly Beil
Alexis Harris
Love or Hate
Diane Benser
Sandy Pearce
I Want To Tell You... (Revised)
You And Me 9
Paige Chappell
Rebecca Warnecke
A Year
Beautiful Girls