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Hi I'm sammy I'm 16 and I have been making dark poetry for 5 or 6 years now check out my poems if you like them than tell me if you dont like them then still tell me. if you tell me what you think of my poems I will tell you what I think of your poems.(kisses)
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Blood ties fear 92
Forgotten souls 93
So lost 8
My love my razorblade 91
Help me! 81
The nightmare 93
A downward spiral 8.52
Confusion 91
Afraid 6
Just a heart ache 82
A nobody :( 91
Ropes of pain 91
Your bitch 92
DEATHS look of suicide 62
Alone in this darkniss 91
Blood bath. 71
Vampiers kiss 8.52
I'm alone 91
Hes a stranger to me 9
Make'em DEEP 7.52
I AM .........? 72
Fallen angel 9
I'm SICK SAD and MAD but not NUMB:( 92
SUICIDES last thoughts 93
IN my MIND is YOU 7