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Hey fellow poets. My name is Karena. I go by the nickname KayDe. I'm 20 yrs old and in the U.S. Marine Corps. I enjoy writing about my feelings, both good and bad. I hope that you will too. You may find that my poems are somewhat wierd but that is because everyone has their own story(life). Some parts good, some bad, but all apart of us finding ourselves and realizing who we are. The poems expressed here are the words of my life and what is happening in it. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my poems as much as I do.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Bounce 3
A Moment 1
I wish I could 1
Dear Lord Why 2
Precious Time
Is Anyone Out There 1
I Believed In You 71
Isolated 93
As I'm On The Ground
Drowning In My Own Serenity 3
What Happened ( a song) 1
This Day 2
Final Thoughts 1
Have You Ever 91
Who Am I
Trouble 2
For no reason 1
A wall 1
Mr. ED 1
I'm.. 41