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Much of my poetry was/is written in troubling and challanging times in my life. My poetry may not have any form or standard to match to popular poetry, other than I sometimes ryhme in them. I write because it is something I like, I don't feel I'm of any great magnitute with what I write. I do however find it pleasing to me, it is a way for me to vent out feelings and frustrations. If anything makes sense to you, then I'm glad you understand. But if it makes no sense at all, then thats just how it seems. Not everything I write makes sense to me. It is my hope that I will gain some better understanding of myself and to better myself through my writing.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Life 1
Fire (Revised)
Vision 1
Pain 1
wtf 1
Dismal Reflection 2
Mutter 1
Can VS Will