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Im 16, a flaming Lesbian, about 5'6'' or so. Im fat, but whatever. I love soccer, poetry, the stars, and Animals. Im in love with my science teacher, and have a really ugly smile. I enjoy Snowmachining, watching Buffy, The L Word, House and Bones, driving amelessly, and going to the movies. ILOVEMYSPACE. myspace.com/kerry_ann_rocks
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Hide. 3
Half The World 91
Mask. 3
No Walls 2
Lover, Death. 1
Let Me Cry 1
Lord and Lady 9
Whats Next? ::Hex::
She Loves Me Not 1
Forever Gone 1
Me 1
Burn 93
Never... Ever... Born. 1
Just Another Love Poem. 4
Ladies and Gentlemen!
A bunch of stuff to do when your bored. 1