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hi everyone my name is josiah i have only just joined my-poetry, but i am already noticing how nice everyone is here. raining tears is the nicest of all lol her comments make u feel amazing thanks so much. ADD me on facebook Josiah Houstatlantavegas thanks!
Poem title Voter rating Comments
We take each other for who we are 

Forgiveness I don’t deserve 5
What Has Happened To My Home 1
From His Lips 94
Just keep running 91
To be mine 2
The killing clutches 1
everything belongs to you
the unforgettable cycle 1
what happened 1
i cant belive myself 1
what else could it be!!!!! 3
all we now is running!!!
to forget those lies 91
a stormy couple of weeks
in our darkest times 4
through the sea of thought
lost 91
my heart and you 91
everything belongs to you
as the sound fades my heart remains
His Grace
Let it fall on Me 2
one like you 2
i just don't meet those things 1
dont forget
survive 2
jumpin on the roof top
ya its true 83
broken and smeared my only dear
Slow fade 93
when everything falls away 1
the bloody floor i know 1
ill always be what you knew 9
what do you want to say to me
stuck like glue