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Hey guys i'm Katelyn. If you don't mind i'd love to know what you think=]and i'll rtf=]
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Dead Inside 93
Never Be 2
Love you 1
Is this finally enough 2
Just made my world
Slipping Away
I could tell him
A certain guy 1
Departure 2
Dead love 92
the truth was found out
Walking Out. 94
One Day. 1
song..Remove the mask
Ana 1
To the guy who said he's been all around the world. 2
Song-Werent in love with me
Song 6...you were never really good for me 91
Song7-Figured out
Song8-Wings Won't Take Me. 1
Song9-already Gone 1
Thoughts... 1
Song 10** 1
Oh Ana, 1
not sure... 1
Riley's Song ****
It should Feel alright (song)
Put it all down (song)
Fall Foward (song) 1
His Victim 91
crappy song i wrote in like 10 mins 72
Song-what you never seemed to notice 1
Song-Dear Jacob 1
Song- Doubts
Forbidden 2
Song-Didn't mean to change you
Song-Dear alabama,
For old time's sake
Song-Prove me wrong. 1
Song-What I am now
Song-Just look away
Song-Living for something more
Song-Thrown Glass 1
Always that girl 2
Song-Jacob's song 91
Song-You were only Sixteen
Always that girl-rewritten
Song-Bruise 1
Song-This fire
Black and White keys