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Hey, I’m Meeks, I’m over this part of my life. But this is what I used to cope at the time. I am leaving my poems up as a reminder to myself about how low I can fall. I never want to go there again! xx
Poem title Voter rating Comments
What Have I done? 1
My Fight 1
Running At Speed (Acrostic)
I Cannot Think Here
Poisonous Kiss 82
What He Said 62
One Single Tear 1
I Trusted You 1
For My Best Friend 1
Sometimes 1
The Virgin 2
Feelings For You 1
Can't You Take the Blame?
Addicted 1
My Fault, Sorry For Everything 2
Too Late 1
Dreaming is Easy 2
Grey Escapee
Rainbow 1
Not My Fault, Not Sorry For Anything! 1
Two simple beings in one messed up world (which one is me?) 1
My everything