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Well, life for me is as normal as anyone's. It still sucks because as we all know, life is unfair. We are the ones who vent our troubles, pleasures, and situations through poetry and since we keep writing, we know that it is a great way to share our feelings in hope that someone understands. Well, no one will really understand what someone else is going through, but most of us who share these same feelings can understand for the most part. So in my hope that someone understands, I really hope that you read my poems and COMMENT ON THEM PLEASE!!! ~Stephanie Grace~
Poem title Voter rating Comments
In Your Arms 3
Beautiful Sight - title from comment 1
I Wish (i wrote this a few years ago)
The Little Child 2
this is a song i was writing 2
two poems i wrote at the same time, no titles though!!! 91
Words 1
Ignorance 2
You and Me 2
Lost 71
so sad please read!!! i got this off the internet 53
little voices
Cut 2
picture this!!! 7
second best (to all you guys who want a girl) 2
fucked up!!! 1
best friends 1
The Little Girl Within Me 4
xx aLL My TRue FeeLiNGS xx (please help) 3
the sound surrounds me: 2
live to love the moment!!! 4
Crossing the Line
idk i was bored!!! 71
Crossing the Line 2: Be the Change 1
In the Hands of God... 91
Lyrics: Panic! at the Disco, Aiden, Liz Phair, Red Jumpsuit Appa 1
Lyrics: Dear Jamie, Sincerely Me By: Hellogoodbye
This Is My Life, And I Say Leave!!! 1
Young "Love" 61
You've Hurt Me, and Yet I Still LOVE You 32
Your Smile
Moving Forward (I Have Found Someone New) 51
My Guy 1
Your Love for Me Is the Fervid Sun