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I'm back for now but i don't know how long it will last school takes up all my time [email protected]
Poem title Voter rating Comments
All the Flowers in the Field of Hours 2
Learning To Love Pain 71
The Hope Of What Was Taken 2
Looking for the Truth 81
Rejected by Death 6.333
The Kings of Youth 83
Never Ending 1
You Who I Loved 1
No Ones Left 2
Welcome to Your End 1
Stuck with Out a Life Line 1
The Dawn of Sunset 1
The Lost in What I'm Found 2
A Confessing Heart 2
Pieces of Paradise 6
Broken 2
Goodbye I Guess 84
The Fall 1
Borderline Backcombed 3
Sigh of Exhaustion 1
The Untitled 82
Human Bondage 44
Dead Love 2
My Ugly Day 91
The Pale Horse 2
No Storybook Ending for the Likes of You 8.673
I Cant See Your Hand 82
Wake Me Up I'm Not Breathing 2
Locked in a Room Stained White 2
I Have Seen the Real You 1
Shattered Glass (of Dreams Come True) 3
Our Veil of Remembrance 81
Free in This World of Hate and Greed 1
The Secret Life of Silverstein 3
Always i’m Followed by My Imaginary Friend 1
Myself My Worst Enemy 1
Whispers to Me.. 1
Put the Films to Rest 1
The Happiest Place on Earth 1
Life with Day and Night 2
Pages in a Spiral Notebook 2
Stay Away 1
Sea Of Air 1
House of Ash 1
Obsessions 1
Under Fictitious Skies 1
Please Ignore My Screaming Eyes 2
Lost Ourselves to Their Game 1
Cloud of Confusion 31
Answer 1
Math Class Drama 2
Slam The Door 2
First Suicide 92
Modern Day Utopia 1
Don't Expect Me Not To Leave 2
Last Chance Not to Hear 1
A Sigh of Life (short story kinda) 1
Asleep Within the Snow 1
Alternate Ending 51
Consider The Birds 1
Failure Permitted 1
Sleep Beneath the Williow Tree 1
Hand in Hand for Shame and Love 2
Happiness is a Lie i Can Not Live 32
All Will be Quiet and Still 62
So Sorry I Missed 72
Blotting Out the Stains of Nonsense 1
Flowers Wilt 1
nothing really 1
Missing Persons 1
From the Ones Who Say Your Love Don't Mean a Thing 2
Lies Within You 1
Confidence Lost 1
TV. Set 1
Holding the Headstone 1
I Have a Dream But Nobody Cares 3
Noise Should Be Observed Silence Must Be Heard 1
Seeking 1
What Do I Want From Me 1
Under Museum Quality Glass 1
Hidden 2
Broken Heart 2
Distance is the Thief in Which you Conspire 3
An Everyday Possible Prophecy 1
Your Conscious is Clear 1
Child of Yours 1
Amaya 1
Bachos 1
Mank 2
The Voice Of Reason 1
We Haven’t Found a Cure 1
We All Fall Away Sometimes 1
My House of Cards Will Never Stand 1
Math Teacher 3
Utterly Insignificant Persons 1
Thoughtless Mornings 2
No Word Goes Unheard 1
Whispering for Retribution 2
Voices in My Head and Sugarcube Mixtures 1
Cold in this Abyss 2
Where Have The Children Gone 1
Blank 1
Why Does Not, This World Just Stop? 1
A Smile Escapes, Because My Closet Holds No Bones. 2
Nightmares. Graveyards. Ramblings 1
Sunday Drive 2
Dear Vic? 1
Watching the Walls Fall Down. 1
Sense of Hypocrisy 2
Something old 1
I am Without You. 3
No Storybook Ending for the Likes of You (redone) 1
Who Breeds a Wicked Son? 1
Sister Dearest 2
Consequence of My Silence 7
Under My Flag I Stand Proud 2
Anonymous 1
Threat of an Emotional Attachment 2
the girl I once adored 93
Do I dare question it? 1
Our hearts have become a routine 1
Tiger dying 83
Ready to die 2
Step through my door 2
If i cant have her 5
Hurricanes Die In Fury 43
sacraments 4.52
Know that I will never get that far 95
Blame your heart 2
Fundament für die klassische Literatur 1
with a faith to shred 2
my words my thoughts in boredom 1
Sing a happy little song Happy Little Song 3
Pointless 83
Uncomplete 2
thinking of a name 2
Touches of blue and changes everything 82
Confronting The Malice Tongue 82
A Plea With My Mind 2
All that makes me 3
Last will and testament of the girl sleeping in the seat beside 2
Dear Faithless Slipping Soul, 1
Empty Space 2
...And We Drive 2
thought we were in love 1
Somewhere 1
Shadows 1
Dawn Broke are you weeping 3
I feel abandoned, but It feels good. 1
Bored Monkey 94
Communist Manifesto 1
You Need Not Know This Name 1
This one thing I desire 2
Becoming the casualty 1
Grapes 4.54
Raw Nail Say In Guilt 2
Kissing my best friend 3
Trying To Be Real 3
It all comes out in the wash 2
you see i'm blind 1
To Speak 1
Sketch Book Figurine 72
Soot upon my hands 1
a rant of something 1
My heart is tired I’m dead 2
We've burned out the eyes of restraint 1
your know your mad 2
whisper of a revolution 1
so freaking bored 2
bless the dust that hides 1
Coal boat song 2
Crushed and conquered 1
day nine 1
It was a day like today that my Jesus died 83
So tell me sir with the bible in your hand 2
This is to you old French lady at the computer 82
through the alley of the lonely 1
Welcome to day seven 2
You know Stalin put an end to crime 2
Time moves so slower …. Yes slower 2
i will gather my flowers withered 84
My Fathers Only Son 82
I’ll send you to Ohio 4
Do Not be Confirmed to This World 1
i saw the moon tonight 1
addicted to distracting ourselves 2
I think I'm thinking 91
silent street pale and empty 72
Amore E Morte 1
Muddled Mouth Drippings 2
Pg. 72 Chapter 9 3rd paragraph 1
even with a light hope is not enough 1