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life is fantastic and i am so glad that things have changed but now i cant write anymore. enjoy.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
fake 83
the enemy i create 94
disorted dreams 2
breaking myself 3
picking flowers 92
deep blue emotions 88
finally 2
no diffrent 1
i am diffrent 83
cry 91
best(ever)friend 3
carelessness 1
? 91
4 some1 94
unto this day 1
falling asleep
nerves 3
my valentine 41
another thing ended 7.52
my waiting heart break
Please dont leave me now. 1
finnaly looking at myself
i hid everything like you my reason.
getting "out" 1
worth your time?
Miss-understood 1
cruelty in fate 1
talk threw your teeth 81
terrored dreaming 1
murder on valentines day 92
nothing might be the only thing left 2
so am i 1
theres nothing wrong 2
dedication 2; i can see
is it was it seemes
im glad she wont miss me 2
fly so delicate heavins new angel 82
Nothin' but destruction 72
make me wanna stay
set in time
if this si who i am then o.k. 92
when i find you 1
is this what you wanted it to be? 1
Reservations only. 1
so many sorries. 1
the beasts beauty 9
delicious nobody 4.54
you will forget me 1
Stop 91
this poem is about nothing 53
not any more 1
moldy quote
stand on the edge of her sanity 3
just fall
just something, you cant hide
just smile
i dont care what you all think... dont leave bad comments
i am never broken 1
Its finally right
droping stars
forever is never there 1
freedom shot 1
fire and blackened wings 2
broken and weak
love me now? 2
glass house 1
leave me alone!
shopping for fireworks!
warped and twisted.. THIS IS NOT MINE!!!!
so unspoken not even you know 1
Naive 1
ow, how evil you are 1
cage dancers
darkness be my wrath
I wrote your name 1
dont give a ..... 1
deaths terms
controlled expirement