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Buy me a plastic ring and tell me you love me! thats what i want my man to do. thats what i look for in a guy. shows he's sweet. Hi my name is Melissa and i am 13 years old. i write poems from my heart. i dont need to think, it just comes out, as if my hand has a mind of its own. funny how that works out. anyway, i would really appreciate if you could comment on my poems. especially the ones that don't have any comments. i love to read them... good or bad! i've been through a lot. my best friend Darine Moore died off LEukemia 2 years ago, and i've been through alot more. compared to some people, i have a very good life. sorry if any of my poems offend you. i didn't mean to. oh and just want to say ahead of time... I'm sorry i can't be perfect.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
No One... 3
A lost frienship...© 2
my nightmare© 82
untitled 1
still un-dead ( prt.1)© 4
my life does not care for me 72
still un-dead ( prt. 2) 1
silent night (song) 4.53
jesus take the wheel© (song) 91
no more tears© 91
why you did suicide... 92
not afraid to die... 2
an innocent suicide© 1
croisants(a must read!!!!) 1
the real me inside 1
the true love i just met 1
grave of a train track
as the fire burns
I'm not life, but death
my hearts tale 1
you don't need a bullet to do damage 1
the shortest poem... 2
don't run to find the truth
story of a rape( long, but has meaning)
boredum 1
The heartache of a dead girl 3
note to you out there