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THE FIRST THING THAT I WANT TO SAY IS THAT I WISH YOU ENJOY MY POEMS! i am young and beautiful, and a really kind person to my folks. I attend the SCARSDALE MIDDLE SCHOOL, which truly rox. You should really go there sometime. I'm really good at piano - I played in Carnegie Hall once because I won the grand prize - and improving very quickly in violin. I also used to play the cello, but since I am so busy lately I quit playing. I like to chat with my friends, go to the movies, and...most of all...SHOP!!! my favorite place to shop is the Westchester Mall. they have, like, the COOLEST SHOPS EVER. I just love my life, but sometimes I wish I could just drop out and just, you know, be a normal kid. that's what my poems "To be in youth" and "Detached" are based on, but only just a little bit. I am definitely NOT detached from the world, I can tell you that!!! :^)
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Battlefield for Love
Poet no more
Pocketful of Disaster 6.51
To be in youth
Pain and Anguish 6
Detached (as told by a real dream) 2
Just for the sake of love
The Eye of Twilight
Nature, part one 1