Face in the shadow, by Daphne Subscribe to rss feed for Daphne

All I saw was your hand in the window
Though you never saw my face in the shadow
Between you and me, all we have is hollow
And even now it's hard for me to swallow

Whatever we had talked
Wherever we have walked
Everything now has stopped
And I can't help but have you dropped

It's sad this reality has to come
And I don't want this to end cuz there were some...
Some good memories when we had rum
And stopped and picked up tiny bread crumbs

Why...oh why must we end this way?
What did I do to make you say
That we're not meant to be anyway
What's causing us to decay?

Please, please tell me what I should do
What I should think and do to let you go
To a place where I'm certain I'll know
That there's a place that isn't this cold
Posted: 2006-02-22 22:02:26 UTC

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