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A single bee 
Buzzed about
Amongst the flowers wild.
Its little wings were spritely things
As fragile as a child.

A flower saw,
With eyes alert,
The bee was feeling down.
"Sweet little lad, why are you sad?"
Her voice a tender sound.  

He sighed aloud.
"The sun you see,
It hides behind the trees.
The wind is strong, and blows along
To rustle all the leaves.

"My eyes they hurt,
A sight to see,
The dreary day today.
The butterflies that fill the skies
Are gone; they've flown away."

The flower smiled.
And music-like
Her voice was there to soothe.
"Your cheery days and happy ways
Will soon return to you.

"The clouds will lift
And sun will shine.
The wind will quiet down.
The butterflies that fill the skies
Will flutter round and round.

"So worry not;
All will be fine.
Your face will wear a smile.
But my heart weeps and fear doth creeps
In regions of my mind.

"The wars are fought
Long miles away,
And blood and tears are spilt.
No happy cheer is welcome there.
All flowers there will wilt.

"And in the East
The drought is long.
The wind is absent too.
The babies cry and cattle die;
Good thoughts are shared by few.

"It brings a tear,
I see it there;
Your eyes gleam deep and sad.
But I could not leave truth to rot
Although you're but a lad.

"For I see all.
And worry so
'Bout Future, Past, and Present.
But you will go through life and know
Of nothing but the pleasant."
Posted: 2006-02-22 00:25:47 UTC

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