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i miss those days 
out n the open 
i miss those days 
when we were happy
but now we r brokin up 
in seprate ways 

here i am 
no where to no where to be 
y am here 

i dont belong here 
everyone here has hatred in there eyes 
im soo uncomterable
but i ask ..................
y am i here
i cry every day to wish to be there 
but not here 
but i still ask 

Posted: 2006-02-11 19:19:50 UTC

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2006-02-11 23:42:29Erika
you are here because i love you and want u to be erika

2006-02-17 01:45:08decorated emergency
Learn to spell.

2006-02-17 01:46:25decorated emergency
Learn to spell.