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each day,
i check my messages,
praying that maybe,
you commented.

but you didnt.
sigting through them
i don't see your name.
a frown crosses my face,
tears slide across my eyes.

i know you hate me,
and i hate you too.
or more like like,
i hate hating you
but with these thoughts,
there is nothing i can make
nothing i can do.

so all i can hope for
is that you read this diary
and something
will spark your attention.
something worth dropping a line,
anything at all.

for some reason
i obsess with the thought
that maybe
you think i have something to say.
and this is all so pathetic.

you aren't going to write
you don't care...
and you never will
or would have
if it wasn't for that fight.

but now i persistantly
read and write,
hoping as hard as i might
that you'll write again.
not that ever
a friendship could begin.

there is something about me
something wrong...
we clash so bad,
well i like to think,
we're kinda alike.

and if you read this,
i know you will laugh
i know it will cause me pain
if you laugh at me
to me...

but still i hope,
that maybe...
by chance,
i will hear from you again.

Posted: 2005-02-18 03:04:29 UTC

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2005-11-30 05:52:11just me_
i love it. it fits with what i'm going through now.

2006-06-27 01:32:13. QUEENIE .
:) thank you.

2006-08-19 01:42:10User really hurts to know that the one you're longing for their attention never seems to notice you I guess..well did he happen to notice then..???