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he wasn't
what she was,
and she was not
what he wasn't.
and if that is so,
then you can see
just where
this story is
going to

he gave her
what she had not
and already
she had what he 
and if that was the case,
you can understand
why she loved teh man
who hadn't a face.

she wasn't
what he wanted
and she was all the same
what he pinned.
and so this continues,
making logic
where there was none...
and you can wonder now,
what became of their son.

he had a face
and was right
what was wanted,
but held no place.
he had no lover,
and had no other...
he was alone,
it was their blunder.

and why you ponder
would this
obsurdity come
from someone
when reality is
self dilussioned...
and indulging...
i would answer
the man without
a face
was quite intriguing.

and poetry never
had to make sense
is what they said,
it's just words,
thoughts from ones head.
and now the ending of my tale,
the perfect boy,
felt hindered by his
and so he shot them,
and killed them
they really are,
quite dead.


Posted: 2005-02-18 03:04:29 UTC

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