Darkened Shadows Leave Me Be, by Chelsey Subscribe to rss feed for Chelsey

Tears form a puddle.
In the palm of my hand.
Let me lean on you for a minute mommy.
Seeing how I can no longer stand.

Whisper my feelings in the darkest hour.
So no one knows I'm not who I pretend to be.
Fight the battles alone in my room.
The reflection in the mirror isn't me.

A mind running too fast for life.
A heart supposedly made of gold.
Everything that I am is fake.
The wind took me away so cold.

Grasping for thin air.
I can't let go of who I thought you were.
I need you now for the moment of truth.
My heart is bloody and you're my cure.

Too many mouths speaking at once.
Too many dials to a non existing tone.
Friends supposed to stand behind me for support.
Turn around and I'm alone.

Creaks for answers to opening minds.
Haunting memoried around every door.
The need for love is way too strong.
But I've given up looking for more.

You're what I need the most.
And you're no longer here.
I'll play this memory over in my mind.
And relive my biggest fear.
Posted: 2006-01-03 01:04:12 UTC

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2006-01-04 02:26:07HangmanTheory
wow...this is...amazing. i love it.

2006-01-04 20:50:31Crimson.Wings
i like this poem, even tho it's really sad

2006-01-09 16:30:38My_pain_your_thrill
I relate to this, holding on to who you thought a person was. It's amazingly written xoxoxox