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You're my hero,
Brought the shine into my eyes.
Held my hand through thick and thin,
Shielded my heart from rumors and lies.

Bled my heart when poison invaded,
Caught my blood before it was able to land.
Held me up when I drank myself to a stupor,
Made sure I was able enough to stand.

You wiped away tears,
And held me while I cried.
Told family and friends I was your sister,
Held yourself with a sense of pride.

You're my hero,
Fighting a war that doesn't need to be faught,
Ready to die with gun in hand,
Knowing victory can't be bought.

Ready to defend innocent people,
We all understand and know,
You're our Danny, brother, friend, soldier and son.
You'll always be our hero.
Posted: 2006-01-03 00:57:29 UTC

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2012-01-09 22:52:42lance
not bad i do love heros