Posted: 2005-11-24 18:29:36 UTC
Think back,
To last year,
Your hand on mine,
Your eyes locked on mine,
The sunny days,
Feeding that horse,
Let me ask you somthing,
Does that song mean anything to you now?
Do you still love me?
We're drifting further apart now,
You're not 14 anymore,
Do you still want to hold me close?
You still say hello,
Come round a bit,
Have a quick chat,
Are eyes lock,
There's still a spark,
nowone knows how much pain I'm going thro,
Dry my tears again,
Tell me its OK,
Tell me you will always love me,
Sing that song,
Hug me,
Kiss me,
And tell me,
Does that song mean anything to you now?

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2005-11-24 22:25:28[email protected][email protected]
hey this is [email protected] @NgEl, Debz and my_pain_your_thrill, we relate to you and feel like we know you and what ur goin through xXx