Posted: 2005-11-20 16:08:43 UTC
Do you know the pain I'm going through?
Do you do it on purpose?
Do you enjoy it?
The firm grasp on my heart,
The pain and fears,
The nightmares and tears?

Do you want me to cry?
Do you want me to feel frustration?
Shall I die in the corner?
Wilt like a gothic rose,
Hang like a suicidal puppet?

So there I sit,
Scared and sad,
fullfilling your wishes,
Whatever you want, I'll do it,
I love you, Will.

© Sasha. I'm feling misrable today, PLEASE e-mail me today at [email protected] Cause I'm seeing him tommorow at school. I'm really scared. xxx

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2005-11-27 22:14:29Mr.Poet
hahah whats goin on with you

2005-11-27 22:16:44My_pain_your_thrill
Add me to msn to talk [email protected] xxxxxxxxxxxxx

2006-02-11 17:41:30 Kirsty (living in the light)
This i so sad. I hope you feel happier soon please read my poem MY PAIN

2006-10-06 21:32:51 Kirsty (living in the light)
i understand this poem now........u know i wish i never began to self harm or anything.. but it does mean i can understand peoples poems sometimes well not that that has anything to do wid this but in general