Posted: 2005-11-16 07:38:25 UTC
Look at all the people,
Perfect health,
Pretty faces,
But they sit,
Wallowing in there own misery,
crying when theres nothing wrong,
Some people out there are really suffering!
I'm one of these people,
Drowning in self pity,
I guess I've had a tough time,
But thats no excuse!



I'm sorry,
I have all the things suffering kidds envey!
I have a great life!
I just dunno how to use it.. .

© Sasha Hey guys! I'm feeling gr8. Not that youd care, but anyways! bye! xxx

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2005-11-18 21:58:50Finding Myself♥♥
i like this specks for me, i just really donno whata do with it. lol n no that wasn't my last poem, i thought it was but it wasn't, lol. bye