Come Back To Me, by Crzy Angelchic Subscribe to rss feed for Crzy Angelchic

I want you to come back
And I dont know what I must do
I cannot change my life right now
I dont think that I could choose

But if I did, would you return?
Would you joke and laugh with me again?
Could we pretend this never happend,
and be the closest of friends?

I want to be mad at you.
And claim that you walked away from me.
But it was me who hurt your trusting heart,
It was I who pushed you to leave.

And so I deserve this
I understand plain and true.
But what if I cant help but wish
That I was back closer to you...
Posted: 2005-11-13 07:51:59 UTC

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2007-03-16 05:12:40Angel of Music
This is a really great poem!! I love the idea of it and the way that you put it into words. Great Job!!!!!!