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A is for Adam, first love, but you changed your mind a
second to late.

B is for Bitch, I know a lot of them.

C is for Claire, I woman I once knew.

D is for Death, My friend.

E is for Elephant, The nickname I know only to well.

F is for Fuck, my favourite word.

G is for Grass, evil stuff.

H is for him, the one I love.

I is for Ice, I'm an Ice princess.

J is for jump, To jump or not to jump?

K is for kleenex, Been through some of them.

L is for Love, Its gone to waste,

M is for Michaela, I'll kill that fucking bitch!

N is for nil, nothing, nada!

O is for old, If only I was 16.

P is for piss, piss on this life, "GOD"

Q is for ques, there a waste of time.

R is for race, I always lose.

S is for slut, I'm really gonna  kill her!

T is for time to go, but I'm not leaving yet.

U is for unicorns, god knows why I said that

V is for victimisation, need I say anymore?

W is for Will, please be mine, I need you.

X is for xtra,But I don't deserve anything xtra, I'm nothing

Y is for yellow, I hate that colour.

Z is for zone, My zone, My planet, My thoughts.

© Sasha, How are you guys? I'm doing ok. Thats a lie
actually. See you soon, wish me luck with school. Another
hour of Will & Micheala snogging. Meh.xxxx
Posted: 2005-11-16 07:36:24 UTC

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2006-06-28 02:49:50User
Fury..dissappointment..rage..all expressed in alphabets...interesting...hope you will cope with your migraines..