Posted: 2005-11-12 16:01:31 UTC
When I was 4 I wished for a sister,
When I was 5 I wished for my mum back,
When I was 6 I wished for my friend back,
When I was 7 I wished for my daddy back,
When I was 8 I wished for old my house back,
When I was 9 I wished for my sister to get better,
When I was 10 I wished for my smile to come back,
Now I'm 11 I wish for my life back.

© Sasha Yes you nosy sods, I'm 11. The reason I didn't tell you guys, is cause I'm so young, I didn't want you to think any less of me :) FTR I act at lest 3 yrs older. xxx

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2005-11-14 16:23:00 Kirsty (living in the light)
hello i am 13 nearly i can't believe someone with your talent is so young come and read my poetry on KIRSTY it is near the bottom of the authors list