Posted: 2005-11-05 12:35:05 UTC
I feel great,
I feel fine,
I sip black coffee,
with a smile.

All of a sudden,
I'm choking on my coffee,
I've remembered,
your not mine.

You used to be,
You wanted to buy a pony and house for both of us!
Sounds stupid now.
We were both kids,
Your older now,
I'm just a sweet memory.
I still watch your every move.

Your nearly 16,
You can look after your self,
But I'm still a kid,
I need you so much,
Please listen to my cries,
feed my hunger,
put my soul to rest,
I might be old enough to flirt,
I might be able to understand you,
But I need your love.

As I remember your serenade,
I'm choking on black coffee.

© Sasha Buonasorte 2005 xxx

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2005-11-07 13:46:18Debz ~~ lost amoungst the pages of a story yet to be told ~~
this has a very mature theme to it i really like it its powerful well done xx

2006-06-28 02:52:57User
Black Coffee..?? I can't live without coffee..sensual...maybe like is addictive too..????