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5 years and not a moment too soon

cant even stand to be in the same room.

5 years and you act like i owe you the world

because you go to work and we had two little girls

5 years buddy, i'v got news for you

i wasn't put on this earth to pick up your shit and cook
your food

5 years now , this wasn't the plan. 

"were in this together" thought you were a man

5 years now i don't wear your ring

you can't even commit to a god damn thing. 

5 years now and i took you back in

you cheated , you lied, but i tried again.

5 years of my life i'v devoted to you

with tears, heartache, and despite all that you do.

5 years you take out this shit on me

cause some big rock star you thought you would be.

5 years now, so tell me what is the deal,

your bitch, and babysitter, thats all that you feel.

5 years now, should we go for more?

or should i just walk out the door?

5 years, and nothing would change if i died

i seriously doubt, if you would even cry.

5 years, this was not what i had planned for my life.

no one's happily ever after, no one's love, no one's wife.

5 years and you resent me every day,

remind me how you hate me in every way.

5 years i'v spent with a hole in my heart.

cause i gave it to you, and you tore it apart.
Posted: 2005-10-26 07:37:57 UTC

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